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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Well, but how do you know that SImon Phillips hasn't studied post-bop drumming?
Because you can hear it in the delivery of his playing in the clip.....

Actually it sounds like he's been checking elements of it out more carefully. If he adds some more improvisational elements, call and response/dialogue with other ensemble members, some "spice" from buoyant elements of syncopation thrown in as I covered earlier into the mix he'll be having one complete smokin delivery believe me.

Like I said earlier I like it actually and was pleasantly surprised by it but per this specific well covered in the past by the masters jazz ensemble idiom further study is need to take it to the next step. Check out Tony Williams later crossover stuff blending swing and even 1/8th concepts together in the music. That hot fusion containing the colours of jazz swing based elements hit the "complete" bullseye for me in nearly the same exact jazz ensemble format lineup. I think that's what he is going after anyways from what I heard in the clip. the Tony later 90's quintet period sound and as heard also in his introduction solo.

I'm sure he will take it to the next step because i'm impressed where he has taken it so far.......

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