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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Yes! "Trying to be authentic," exactly. That's what keeps coming back to haunt jazz, in my opinion, the endless striving for authenticity. It's what makes it an interesting display in a museum, the "authenticity" concept. If you want authenticity the Preservation Hall Jazz Band is still performing in New Orleans.
If people say "The bass drum's too loud" or "The swing feel wasn't thus and so" or "It's stylistically wrong" then that pretty much keeps the music encased in amber. "In order to do it right (meaning authentically) you have to do it like this."
I would have though that doing jazz right means to push beyond all that dogma and find your own means of expressing it, whether or not the afficianados agree that it's "authentic."
Phillips is playing his take on jazz here and I think it's bloody good. I think he nailed it. If I'd never heard of him except for what I saw and heard on this clip I'd say "That's a damn good jazz drummer with his own unique style."
You seem to miss the point as seems always the case in internet jazz discussions covering any jazz related topic. I offered the best I can do so take it or leave it with what is missing and could if covered make it even more "happening" in a traditional swing based jazz ensemble setting such as seen in the clip. There's always room for improvement covering any style of playing. If not where's the challenge to improve, grow and get even better at understanding and doing it in the first place?

To answer this same old tired {for me} argument I hear repeated {usually from non jazz players and listeners alike I might add in several cases} about being stuck in the box of the "authentic" traditions of jazz music and drumming with its so called "limitations" for not moving forward being "stuck in the past" my answer is have you ever heard of Erik Harland? He as just one example has futher brought to the table from being firmly rooted in the traditions of jazz music and jazz drumming a whole fresh but deep in {jazz} conception take on taking jazz drumming to the next evolutionary level and step for the music. Enough said............

Simon is most certainly on the right path but he not quite fully "there" yet.....

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