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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Oo tricky question, and depends on ones definition or qualification on what jazz or a jazz drummer is.

To answer it, Simon is a very accomplished player who can and is playing jazz here..( is jazz fusion jazz? ). I could add a lot of other names to that list including Gadd, Colauita, Weckl, Cobham,.. and so on. These, to my mind are all great players who can play lots of different things well, including jazz.

A jazz drummer on the other hand is someone who's life focus would be jazz, and these drummers tend to sound a little different from those coming from rock sensibilities like Simon or from session playing, or even latin players who also play jazz.

.. Jim Black, Eric Harland, Brian Blade, Ari Hoenig, Jeff Hamilton etc would be a few examples of the 2nd variety.


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