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Originally Posted by Aggressivec View Post
Well he really liked drummers like Gene Krupa and Joe Morello. The way he tuned his toms were influenced by the sound of big band drummers that he would listen to when he was a kid. Hope this helps!
Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
With due respect, what calls my attention from John Bonham. It's that He never recognized and admitted that He learnt few things from Carmine Appice.

Ian Paice and Cozy Powell had admitted it.
As I understand it (and I am going by a story told to me, rather than a quote from a reliable source) Bonzo heard Carmen playing and went off to replicate a fill that involved bass triplets.
(In Good Times Bad Times?)
But he didn't know that it was done with a double pedal and he did it single.
Then Carmen watched him playing and asked how he did "that" fill and Bonzo said, Well you should know I got it from you.

Dunno how badly messed up I have got that story but I'm sure he acknowledged the influence of CA.
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