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Default Re: Yahoo! Answers drumming knowledge

I want to buy a pro drum set (< $2000) and I can't decide between Tama and Pearl. Any non-bias suggestions?
Specifically between the Tama Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive and the Pearl Masters MCX

"Tama and pearl are great brand but there are better. Mostly why tama and pearl are really expensive is because they have a good name for themselves and good products.

Gretsch drums are really good too My dad payed $4,356 for his and he had them all made custom. 36" inch bass drum deep, 3 toms 8" 12" 10", 2 floor toms 19" 22", double base pedals, and all new hardware(stands, rings etc.) and remember it was all custom"

Here's the link:
My Kit
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