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Default Re: Heel Toe

Originally Posted by jammaster
I'm really glad that I could help someone :-) Your welcome
Hey bro, you know what?...I tried it last night and the method you put up here works..not well, ... but damn blady well (sorry for using words like these) kekeke.

I was playing my Single Bass Pedal at the Fastest Speed I ever did. Me wify said "Wow...that's fast" did you do that...I said "Secret Dear"...hahaha.

I feel real good and I'm gonna practice it everyday from now on, at least spending 15 minutes on it. I started doing 1eta, 2eta ... and the wonder of this technique is - You can gain control of it.....I've learn - Knee Down 1st in making the 1st stroke is most important ...than use Ball of Toe ...

PS:- I didn't place my (Ball-Of Toe) at Centre of was slightly below the top of the Pedal...anyway..I feel very comfortable with that...just Great !

Thanks again my friend.
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