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Default Re: theatrical attire onstage

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
You're right, that is their image. I guess what I meant is; they put no effort into their image. They're a bunch of guys in jeans and t-shirts. No wigs...neon jock straps...nipple clamps, etc. Pretty much as minimalist as you get in rock 'n roll.
Well, jeans and t-shirts is kind of the "in" thing right now.

The Beatles wore suits with slightly long hair, it was radical. Then everyone did it. So tye-dye and really long hair became the new thing. Then everyone did it. Which gave way to more leather, until that got old.
When bands 1st started wearing spandex in the 80's, it was radical. And then after 10 years, everyone did it to the point is was boring. Then Nirvana came out with jeans and old flannel. It was a radical look for a rock band at the time, because it wasn't expected, and then everyone did it. Flannel gave way to plain t-shirts to avoid looking too stuck in the 90's.

Now plain jeans and t-shirts is the expected look. Other than Slipknot and a few others, almost every rock band from alt to punk to metal and everywhere in between has the jeans and t-shirt look nowadays.

So some might think this particular band had not much of an image, but if you look at the history of rock-n-roll, it could be argued they're following the latest trend (although I'm not saying that is in fact what they're doing...just pointing it out).
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