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Default Re: theatrical attire onstage

Originally Posted by diosdude View Post

Again, this is not an attempt to substitute talent and stage presence with appearance, it's rather an attempt to enhance it.
That is the right way to approach it. Your dress, stage presence and other things will either support your music or detract from it. I think you should try to get your bandmates to stop dressing like lazy, self-conscious schlubs, if you can. You have the license to look different than everyone else, and you are expected to, so step up to it. Good music touches on other aspects of people, including clothing, and you should dress to match what you play.

If you "turned up the volume" on your dress, you might get other band people to turn up their volume as well. Nothing wrong with a little competition when they see you getting positive attention for looking like a stylish pro entertainer. Get some catalogs, Web links and magazines with the kids of clothing you are talking about and show them to your band mates.
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