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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

Welcome Santi and Therma! It's good to have some true geeks on the thread to round out some of the "old school" designers. Another issue with Flash, as a friend reminded me, is that there is no support on iphones, and may not be for quite some time. Not that animation looks so great on a tiny screen anyway, and I assume you need a separate style sheet for mobiles anyway, but that would cut out a full-flash site, unless you also created an entire html site, too. (right? I haven't looked into all this much, to be honest.) For now, I'm going to build my site mostly html, maybe with a little flash content, with alternative images if flash isn't installed, which is pretty rare on most computers.

I do have friends who are interested in all-flash sites, for whatever reason, so I'm still going to learn how to do it. I briefly looked at gaia, that looks really cool! I'm curious how much flexibility that offers. I'd have to mess with that a while, but in the long term it looks like a time-saver.

I also know very little about python. Everyone stresses the importance of knowing php, it seems. How do those compare? Is it worth learning for simple tasks like compile email lists, simple cms', etc.?
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