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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by Budiesel View Post
Are you kidding me? lol I'd take Cutler any day before Orton, even if the bears lose the rest of the season and denver wins the super bowl. The majority of the passes i've seen from orton to marshall, marshall has had to make the catch behind him.

Really well I only watched the game against the Pats and seen a few espn highlights and they hardly ever show bad passes on there. I don't think he threw but maybe 2 bad passes against the Pats.

All I know is Orton has 9-td's and 1 int (which was a hail mary so it does not really count)
and Cutler has 10 td's and 7 int's. I know there is alot more to the QB position but this has to say something does'nt it? I think it says Cutler is not as good as people thought and Orton is not as bad as people thought, either that or the bears system really sukks
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