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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Hey folks,
first post here - nic looking forum, and some lovely looking Leicester based drum porn:-)
Here's my current Signia:

It's a 22, 10, 12, 14, 15 with a 5 inch snare.The cymbal set up has changed a little : the Pro crash has been replaced by a Zildjian A Custom 19 Projection crash and the B8 14 incher by an AAX 14 crash. Most of the the hardware came from Gary Husband, when I bought his little yellow DW a couple of years ago - he gave me an amazing deal on the kit with a truckload of DW hardware and the Tama Hi Hat.
The drums themselves were another bargain found via the classifieds on Mike Dolbear. If anyone knows where I can gat a matching 8 inch tom, I will be forever grateful!
I love these drums, best sounding drums I have ever had. The first time I played a Signia (when I had my first one, ten years ago) I was aastonished not just by the sound, but by the fact that to me they FELT different to play. ( I had been used to APK type kits up until then)
And if anyone is inerested the Yamaha kit is an 8000 Series, and though it's a bit beaten up, it sounds great.
Anyway, nice to be here folks, love some of your setups here:-)

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