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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post

Just hope it doesn't take Brady a full year to shake off the heebie-jeebies with the knee like it took Palmer.
i think the heebie jeebies are officially gone, eh?! you know the Pat's are a team that pays attention to the media, so i wonder if the comment about "eighteen other quarterbacks in the league have a better passer rating than Tom Brady right now" had something to do with the play calling this past sunday, hmmm? quite the game regardless, poor Titans, you feel a little bad, but it's a game for winners - not runner ups...

terrific job by the Bronco's tonight, played tough football for sixty minutes and it paid off

and it's a tough call about which undefeated team is best, Saint's are maybe the most complete team, but the Colt's and Viking's both have veteran QB's with strong defense to back them up

of course, the Pat's, Steeler's and Packer's could easily ruin their party and maybe we should'nt forget the 4-1 Falcons, young Mat Ryan is looking better and better

still early, but things are getting real interesting now ;-)
question the media, sheep arent cool
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