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Default A Surprising Revelation

I've recently acquired some old master tape copies through rather odd means. I just got them back home today and had a closer look. Turns out that the artists in question are actually all fairly well known! One is by a band called 'The KLF' who were big in the early 90's, one is by a band called 'Amazulu' who were a ska-revival band from the early 80's who were popular around the time and another is by Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - a rockabilly singer.

It's bizarre. Apparently the first one was actually a number one hit in the UK and this is a copy of the master from the DAT recording as far as I can understand. I have no equipment with which to play it back (1/4 inch, 15ips) but I'm thinking of getting into contact with the original engineers. Has anybody got any advice on how I should go about getting in touch with them?
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