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Default Re: It can be tough at the top

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I've never been at the top but I have done the odd big gig. I never felt nervous before climbing aboard the kit, but as soon as I started to play, the nerves came in like a wave. I really struggled through the first number every time but settled down thereafter. That said, I don't think the crowds at those gigs had the level of expectation that RW had to endure. Polly, I think I've told you about a certain very well known rock singer who went through a major display of nerves directly prior to each of his performances. This was in a PM so don't repeat please, but it shows just how nervous these people can get no matter how used to big occasions they may be.
Yeah, Jimmy Barnes, lead singer from an old Aussie band called Cold Chisel said in interviews that he used to get so nervous before playing big gigs that he'd throw up. But, unlike Robbie (of late), you'd never know

And you wouldn't know looking at old Robbie clips:
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