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Default Re: theatrical attire onstage

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I dunno.

How did any take Motely Crue seriously in the 80's?

Skipknot in 90's? Kiss in the 70's?

The list goes on of bands who've done some weird looks and somehow made it big.
That's my point exactly, TY DED. If you were at a Halloween costume party and a bunch of dudes dressed up as say, Warrant, would you be able to tell them apart from the guys who dressed up as Winger? What about the guys who dressed up as Sum41 and the guys that dressed up as Blink 182? Paramore and Evanescence? Get the point?

What band is this?


No, It's a Tribute band called "The Band formerly known as Kiss". Kiss has a distinct band identity that is instantly recognizeable. Why would it be the "worst idea ever" to try to go for that?
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