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Default Re: theatrical attire onstage

Originally Posted by ChrisCirino View Post
Assuming your proposal is not a joke, that may be the worst idea I have ever heard. How could anyone take you seriously dressed like the United Nations. Just a few questions though. Why would a Filipino where Chinese garb and have a Shao-Lin hairstyle? Wouldn't a barong Tagalog would be more appropriate. Why would the Irish guy wear a kilt? Irish men don't wear kilts, Scotsman do. I'm also certain that not all Jews are Rabbis, some might even be offended by someone pretending to be one, you know like Catholics and Priests. Maybe, you should dress as the signs of the Zodiac, like Spinal Tap proposed. That'll get their attention. Or you could just play better than the other bands on the bill, that always impresses me and makes me remember a band.
I dunno.

How did any take Motely Crue seriously in the 80's?

Skipknot in 90's? Kiss in the 70's?

The list goes on of bands who've done some weird looks and somehow made it big.
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