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Default Re: Not looking forward to playing today. The 1st time I've not wanted to teach.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Bummer about the sickness, Wy. I can relate. I've had some pretty nasty health hassles myself so I've spent a lot of time at home lately (hence my activity here - lol) and will go under the knife in December. Bleagh.

So how's the new place going? Did you get to keep most of your students?
Still at the old place. That is why I've not put my name on the teacher thread. I'm currently in a state of flux.

Teaching has been tough today but the little 8 year old genius just learned an Afro Cuban rhythm based around the casacara. We began at 70 bpm and by class' end he was playing it at 200 bpm! I was on congas and then one other teacher had to get in on it and jammed on guitar. It made me feel better.

He's going to be phenomenal if he sticks with drums.
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