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Originally Posted by LumberjackIvan View Post
Where can you send your snare away to get it rechromed. I have a old ludwig chrome snare and the chrome is peeling a bit. Can it be fixed? And where? Please help.
I have the same problem with a 5" Supra snare I recently bought off e-bay and which I want to convert into a Super Sensitive drum (have all the parts to do it with)...but rather than have the shell re-chromed am going to have it sandblasted and then progressively wet-sand until it resembles a shiny "raw" '60s Acro (Ludwig used the same aluminum shell on both...Supras and 6.5" deep Acros having 10-lugs rather than 8; have '66 and '69 KB Acros, one with a baseball bat and the other with the small round mufflers...both outfitted with 8 "bowtie" lugs).

Hope this helps...

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