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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Another debate is mp3 players- autostart or not? ... I know a lot of visitors complain when music starts automatically, but look at it from the musicians side. A lot of time and money is sunk in these sites with the hope of selling some music, and why risk someone not finding, or choosing to click the player? Is there an implied agreement when a visitor visits a musician site that he/she agree to deal with an automatically starting mp3 player?
I see your point but if someone's visiting a music site, they are most likely hoping to hear some music. If you have an MP3 player in a visible spot like the MySpace players then visitors can choose to play the music at their own convenience rather than being kind of force-fed. It's hard to imagine someone going to a music site and then leaving because they had to clck the mouse to hear the music. Easier to imagine them leaving because the page is taking ages to load an MP3 and then suddenly springs a song on you.

A programmer Linux-freak friend of mine with Jakob Neilsen-style web values (sadly died of cancer earlier this year) used to always tell me to let the users have control. I agree.
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