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Default Re: It can be tough at the top

Originally Posted by John Galt View Post
Interesting Polly. I have long marvelled at the crowds gathered for these entertainers and wondered what their thoughts were having the weight of all those peoples expectations upon them. I guess now we know!

It must be quite daunting for the individual knowing that these people are here for you, the entertainer to amuse them. Little wonder these people think they are some sort of deity.
People handle things in different ways, conceal true thoughts but for a select few.
Like you, I dont feel sorry, but I have a sympathy for his predicament. People's expectations can be burdensome.
Exactly how I feel, John. I used the get nervous seeing just a few hundren people who had parted with their hard-earned and taken their time to see some of my old bands. I'd look out and think, "Wow, all these people are relying on us to help them have a good night". That can be pretty motivating too. You just want to get out there and do the right thing by them and give them their good night out.

But that's small fry. When I see all these performers playing at monster events, and they all seem so confident and in control, it seems rare that someone shows a chink in their armour like that. I admire his bravery in expressing doubts about his continued ability to keep faking confidence. You rarely hear performers (or anyone!) admitting vulnerability like that.

I guess what's happened is he's lost the thread - the whole point - which is to get lost in the act of making music, whch is what got them there in the first place. What amazes me is that we don't hear of it happening more because there's so much extramusical stuff that can distract musos from the main game.
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