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Default Re: It can be tough at the top

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
After three years away Robbie Williams had problems with his comeback gig, to be televised in front of 14 million people. People thought he was drunk or stones but it turned out that he was just super nervous:
"The veil is finally falling," Williams said. "I'm always nervous, but in the past I've been able to look cocksure through the nerves. I'm not sure if I'm able to mask it anymore.

"I got on there and had a bit of a wobble. It was overwhelming, the love in the room was palpable but I just didn't know what to do with my arms. I didn't feel like the seasoned pro I am, it just felt a bit alien.

I maybe should have done a few other TV shows before I did that big one. In the script people have written for me there's a lot expected of me. And I expect a lot of myself.
The rewards are great but it's a lot of pressure. It must be hard sometimes for top musos to maintain a natural musical perspective and just plug into the moment. There'd be a lot of distractions. I think playing live TV, while good commercially, would be a drag - heaps of preparation and pressure just to perform cold for a few minutes and then off to wait for the critics' comments.

I don't feel sorry for him because he's set for life but his scene is such a parallel universe. I wonder if he wishes he could just front up in a small club and play a couple of sets?
Interesting Polly. I have long marvelled at the crowds gathered for these entertainers and wondered what their thoughts were having the weight of all those peoples expectations upon them. I guess now we know!
It must be quite daunting for the individual knowing that these people are here for you, the entertainer to amuse them. Little wonder these people think they are some sort of deity.
People handle things in different ways, conceal true thoughts but for a select few.
Like you, I dont feel sorry, but I have a sympathy for his predicament. People's expectations can be burdensome.

Have a great day.
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