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Default Re: theatrical attire onstage

Great question Dios. One of the original bands I was in quite a few years ago now, went through this same dilemma. 'How do we make ourselves stand out from every other band out there?'

Over a period of a few weeks very few stones were left unturned...from the predictable - Beatle-esque, same, same but different clothing (think Sgt. Peppers). To the sublime - mascots etc (think Iron Maiden). To the utterly ridiculous (everyone wearing diff. hats) - WTF!!

At the end of the day, everthing we came up with just sounded so contrived and 'forced' just wasn't 'us' at all. In the end we settled on just being real....which meant being ourselves. Sure we tried to shop for clothing at diff. shops and make ourselves less dishevelled and a little more noticeable than what we were, but I gotta admit I found it incredibly difficult finding an angle so that we would 'stand out' from all the other bands out there.

I'm looking forward to following this thread and hearing some cool ideas that would have been beneficial nearly 20 years ago.
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