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Default theatrical attire onstage

Am I totally crazy? I'm just frustrated every time my band plays out that we look like a bunch of dorks in black jeans, black concert t-shirts. There is nothing unique about the look of anyone in my band except me; I have a pretty radical looking traditional shao-lin hairstyle (like chow-yun-fat in Crouching Tiger or Jet Li in Fearless). The guys in my band, well they just don't give a crap when we play a show with 15 other bands that look like everybody who hangs out at the music store and we look no different. I proposed we go a little theatrical with our look to spice it up and maybe people might remember who we are by associating our killer sound with a unique look. The cool thing about my band is that we are from totally different ethnic backgrounds, I'm asian (filipino), My guitarist, Luis is 100% Cuban, My other guitarist, Doug is 100% Jewish, my bassist, George is a huge Black man, and my keyboardist, Justin is like 75% Irish. My idea was to just dress in ethnic extreme:

Men's cheongsam Kung-fu coat for me, African Kaftan for George, Guayabera Shirt for Luis, Rabbi vestments for Doug, Irish Kilt for Justin. I think it would just make a lasting visual impression to go along with the lasting musical impression...

My band just totally dismissed the idea. What do you think?
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