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Default Drummerworld Avatars (Top ten)

10. Bernhard Castiglioni (yes, thats right).
9. beastdrummagirl She likes pearls and my hats always off to the ladies.
8. diosdude It looks like it was pulled from a 70's theme video game.
7. Ludwig Fan Club Nuff said.
6. DogBreath (I did not forget you) A picture of the shaved head is unacceptable on a drum site.
5.Drummer Karl
3. The Sabian Aficionado Its in the eye of the beholder.
2. zambizzi All pearl players have each others back.
1. Sirwill Damn, its huge, 26"s of thunder.

This thread is purely just for laughs and I in know why want to offend anyone.
" Rhythm In The Hands Of Few" Billy Twinem
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