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Originally Posted by Vic_Rattledeth View Post
How is Shawn a lazy drummer? He's spot on with everything. He plays like a metronome. His work on Endgame was really good, too. It was a big step up from his drumming on United Abominations. Check out "The hardest part Of letting Go". He doesn't have the pure raw intensity that menza brought but he plays everything perfect live.
He is dead accurate, of course. Like a clock. Endgame is great, but I don't know, I listen to some Menza era songs, then Drover era and Nick's style was precise also, but kinda more interesting. Nick would change a pattern of bass drum/snare a bit in 2nd verse for example where Shawn plays the same pattern.

But like I said, nothing against Shawn. I love the guy. I just find Nick's style a bit more suitable for myself and Megadeth.
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