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Default Re: Top ten best ever cover songs

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Yeah, it's not tough at all on drums but is fun to play and really gets people dancing. Works great if you have someone in the band who can make a good rooster sound at the beginning too : )
Yeah, every band should have a rooster sound :) It's a funny song to pick amongst all those others. There's a lot of rock and roll in your 10 songs and then suddenly at the end there's this 80s plastic funk number. I can imagine people jumping to it, though.

It used to kill me if we played Jimi's Fire and a high speed / heavy version of Boots together late in the last set when everyone was drunk. My hands would hurt, sweat would be running in my eyes, and I'd feel so not in control. It used to amaze me that people got off on it. I learned that beer goggles are a useful accessory for a tiring drummer.
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