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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by Ainulindale View Post
like all of this, the Pat's, Fin's and Bronc's all play each other tough, gonna remain an interesting division, i hate to say it, but i think the Bronco's are still tops here...

the Ravens have just been playing stupid ball, lack of focus or discipline, not sure which, but yikes, Ray needs to get his D in line...

a "Manning Bowl" looks at least plausible at this point, almost too much to ask...

and credit goes too - the Bengal's! they have been playing good football, physical and agressive D, a real gutsy offense and a solid running game, good on ya Bengal's!

just when you think the 49er's are a solid team with some real potential, they just kind of throw up on themselves and look around bewildered about what just happened...

are the Colt's are the best team in the league? how far can Peyton's willpower take this team, another Superbowl?...

and yes, the Giant's need to fight some real heavyweights now, but starting with a Saint's defeat, i believe they can get 'er done - go Giant's!
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the Bronco's being a good team, but after beating the Cowpukes and Pats, I have no choice.

The Colts are ON Fire. I'd consider them one of the best teams right now.

The Giants are the best team in the NFC, I'd say bar none, but the Saints have proven their defense has actually come together this year, which makes it interesting.

Mark my words, the 49ers will win their division, but they will get blown out in the playoffs. They're better than their divisional foes, but not good enough to hang with the NFC elite.
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