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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Just to add to this discussion on Flash.

I'm a very impatient web-user. If it isn't there NOW then it isn't there. I have a fast connection at Uni and so this helps ease my impatience.

With that said, if I'm looking for a band website out of vague interest (it can be almost any band, bear in mind - local or otherwise) and a flash 'loading' bar emerges from the depths, I immediately click off. I just can't be bothering with most flash sites. There are a couple of exceptions - but usually Flash is done in a hideous, ghastly and vulgar way. If there's a Flash option I don't mind. Some sites have the 'HTML' choice alongside Flash and that is fine. But if they're shoehorning flash, off I log.
Same here. There is a perception in some circles that Flash is "more professional". Yet most web users visit sites to be interested, not entertained - and if they want to be entertained, they will want to choose when, how and with what they are entertained.

One pet hate of mine (while we're on the HTML Hell theme) is when music loads automatically with a page and no controls. One minute I'm happily surfing while playing an MP3, next minute it's a cacophany. Sites with Flash ads that start making noise at you generally earn a backspace too.
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