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Default Re: Software recommendations for "mashups"?

I've done some experimenting on a few programs that are popular, and I still like the Magix interface a little better. I'm using an older version of Magix Audio Studio 7 the newer version is Samplitude 15 I believe. The Pitch and Time re-sampling is a one click tool window with easy to read for BPM and track Length. Both Samplitude and Music Maker have a few instruments built in, but they are limited. But the program offers sound-bank downloads for pre-recorded clips of different instruments. Where you run into the expense is adding on DXi and VSTi virtual instruments. What you can do however; is download a free trial from Magix web-site, it only allows 1 min tracks. But it should give you an idea of how the interface works. I think most brands probably offer a trial, but nothing you can publish with.

The other brand I thought was user friendly...Mixcraft Acoustica, but I wasn't impressed with the instrument tones. But it did seem like the basic package offered more sounds and instruments.

The other thing that I have done; is buy a few of the new magazines out for music and recording technologies, the ones that have a free sample disc. You usually can't use the programs, but alot of them have free sample sounds and plug-ins for the available software.

You may also be able to find a site on-line that offers video tutorials for using certain programs. That way you could at least see how the different programs are set-up.
I know they have sites dedicated to Tut's for 3D design, there should be something
available for recording musicians.

I did a bit of research recently when I was thinking of up-grading, so let me know if you
have a question about a certain brand. I may have taken a peek at it. Theres probably some people here with more experience with the newer programs, but if I can help...
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