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Default We'll be here for the rest of our lives...

Paul Shaffer's new book entitled "We'll Be Here For The Rest Of Our Lives" is a good read. It came out last Tuesday (10/6) and I picked it up Thursday. Finished it Sunday.

It's a good bio from Paul about his music career, detailing how he got started, his troubles, who he met, etc.

He particularly pays a great, but brief, tribute to drummer Anton Fig later in the book.

It's a great advice book on just getting out there, playing, and to NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Shaffer particularly says several times over that when he was starting out, he just wanted to play with as many musicians as he could and money necessarily wasn't the drving factor. Not sure how true that is now, but his book is a good read for any musician, beginner or otherwise.

Understand I'm not plugging here, just passing on what I think to our great drumming community here!
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