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This thread gave me inspiration for my weekend project. Here you go:

Allow me a moment to set the stage for the following mod. Nothing is more aggravating than the time it takes to set up our kits, right? Of course. Now add on the additional time it takes to mic the drums externally, run cords, etc, etc. Before you know it, you've added quite a bit of time to a normally long sequence of events as it is. And we all know that mics cost quite a bit of money and nothing sinks the heart faster than whacking the crap out of your brand new Shures in an exuberant Dave Weckl/Carter Beauford inspired drum roll while doing an overplayed cover of Stairway to Heaven at the end of a three hour show in August in the heat...ah, I digress.

Anyway, after looking at quite a few manufactures products for mic'ing internally, I decided to take advantage of a rainy evening and a couple of trips to Home Depot later...voila, here you go.

Here's what I started with.

I started off with the part I needed to fab myself. A regular wall shelve support bracket from Home Depot. Unfortunately, it did not bend the way I need it to, so I got to buy a blow torch as well.

That was the fun part. Now I can light my stoogies with NO problem.

The next part is a little tricky. Take apart the mic cable, feed the FEMALE end into the drums port hole and reassemble. I bring attention to this little step since I fed the male end in...TWICE. So now I'm an expert at soldering.

It should look like this.

Here's the mounting bracket that I fabbed earlier, painted and installed. Also, the bulge on the wire is simply a band of electrical tape wrapped around the cable larger than the port hole so the cable won't pull back out. I also used a "hi-tech bonding strap" (bread package twist tie) to keep the cable up and away from making contact with the drum head.

Almost there:

Here's the mount in place covering the port hole and hiding the cable's exit somewhat.

Finished product with cable attached.

A couple of small things:
I probably could have ordered longer lug bolts but didn't feel like waiting, so I tapped the lugs to a 32 and run a longer #8 32 bolt.
I left the longer cable attached so it runs straight from the drum, across my rack, and into my personal mixer. I did this for a couple of reasons. First, if I cut a smaller cable, I'm right back to having to attach a number of cables and back to the time issue. This way, I can mount the drum directly on the rack, route the cable to the mixer before adding the cymbals to the rack and BAM, it's done. And secondly, it was just easier.
And finally...wear eye protection, solder splatters when dropped.

Anyway, there you have it. Total cost invested:
4 pack of "L" clamps - $2.98
Black spray paint - $.98
Longer bolts, nuts, washers to do all drums - $3.98
Blow torch - $19.98

Total - around $30 after taxes (not counting cost of beer) $95 after beer.
Time spent - about 10 minutes per drum average. The first one took about 1/2 hour re-soldering the same cable three different times!

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