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Default Re: Portable Digital Recorders

Originally Posted by Cuban View Post
I am going to take the plunge and get the H2.

Can I ask which mic settings do you each record using?

Front 90
Rear 120
Full 360

Also, which format do you use?
24bit/96kHz linear PCM WAV files or do you just use 128kbps for MP3s or even perhaps something in-between?

Can anyone also tell me the recording times in these formats on a 1GB SD memory card?

Finally, is the advertised 4 hours of battery life accurate?

Thanks in advance.

The quoted battery time is very optomistic. Run it on the mains adaptor as much as you can.

Front 90 degrees is fine for most band applications unless you're recording close up then use the 120 degree rear.

The 360 degree feature is useless unless you're going to form a circle and purposly want that effect.

Keep the recording level quite low for amplified band applications then normalise the recording later via the menue.

Record in WAV. You can transfer to CD directly from a WAV file and the quality is better than the CD can handle.

Convert to mp3 in whatever bit rate is appropriate for the application. 256Kbps is as good as you need to go (near CD quality).

Can't advise you on the recording times as I use a 4GB card.

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