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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

Originally Posted by Moktie View Post
If it isn't broke........don't fix it !

But yeah...flash is a pain. Not only am I still on a dial-up connection, i'm also still using ME version of windows. Flash locks up all the time. Even jpg's over 100kb load way too slow. Bigger isn't always better, and technology can hinder creativity.
I think cutting edge stuff is fun, but in the real world, it tends to isolate access and is very elitist on the part of the designer. Someday, what's cutting edge now will be the norm... and then perhaps obsolete. But at any given time, it's always a good idea to stay behind the curve for the most universal access. Nobody likes to be forced to load special plug-ins and apps to in order see someone's latest file.

I learned that lesson when I started using frames. They were a fairly new attribute, but only the absolute latest browsers could read them. Of course, I had the latest browser - Netscape 2.0 I believe - so I could see them just fine and used them on Al's site. But at a post-production house one day, I had them visit Al's site to see a particular image, and lo and behold, the site wouldn't display! Who would think that a cutting-edge video facility wouldn't have the latest browser on the computers? Well, they didn't, I was embarrassed, and re-coded the site that evening.

As for image and content size, those have expanded to fit high-speed access, so the resulting pages are essentially as slow as lesser content is with dial-up. Little was accomplished. But with high-speed, and conservative files and content, those sites are viewed as extremely fast , and that's good.

But still using ME? Oh my... I knew that was a permanent problem when I struggled with it for a month or two. I went 'back' to 98se and stayed happy for many more years. My experiences with Vista have kept me from moving to it (I run XP with great success) and I'll give "7" a nod when it comes out in a few weeks.

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