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Default Re: Any Barriemore Barlow fans out there?

Originally Posted by Drums&Beer View Post
I am pretty sure that Clive Bunker played drums on "Aqualung" and not Barriemore Barlow. Hmmm. I'll have to look that up.
Yep. Barriemore's first album with Tull was "Thick as A Brick". I found their sound, style and feel pretty similar - earthy, rocky timekeeping with flamboyant tom flourishes. I wonder how much of that was Ian Anderson's doing? Barriemore had to navigate the more complex arrangements; his work on TAAB was jaw-dropping in its tighness and flexibility.

Great band, although two of my favourite somgs of theirs are from the Bunker era - "My God" and "Living In The Past". My fave Barrimore work is the first 10 mins or so of TAAB.
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