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Default Re: Corey Taylor's Voice

i saw Corey live with SlipKnoT in France during July. I was expecting Corey not to be able to scream and to be gasping for breath all the time, like in their live album 9.0 Live, and for that reason i wasnt expecting much from him. I saw them at a festival so other bands were playing aswell. I had gone to the festival basically to see Gojira (they were amazing) and i was surprised because SlipKnoT played heavy songs and Corey managed to scream all the way through. Joey's drumming was pretty cool aswell, but the double bass got kinda sloppy after a while.
Of course the show had nothing to do with the "old" SlipKnoT from the Disasterpieces DVD, but it was cool because i wasnt expecting Corey to be able to scream during Eeyore or People = Sh*t like he used to.
BTW i still dont get why the 2 dudes pounding on the percussions are on stage, u can only hear like when everything stops =P i think it just adds to the crazy atmosphere, because it is amazing to see the guys rising up like 2 meters above the ground on their drums (i think their drums are on like giant springs or something =P).
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