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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

jeez whats up with all the hate against the roughing the passer rule. They changed it up for the safety of the players. after all the tests and crap relating future brain problems and the physicality of football, they realized all the head bashing eventually took a real bad toll against the players' bodies. To me its a great rule. If its making the game safer im all for it.

My top 5...

1. Giants
2. Colts
3. Steelers
4. Patriots
5. Ravens

Had trouble with 4 and 5. I probably could have put the vikings and jets in either of those spots, but the pats and ravens just look a tad bit better.

Honestly, how can you say the giants aren't the best team right now? In my opinion, they have it ALL! Awesome defense (1st in the league in total yds. allowed and pass yards), a quarterback who's looking better and better (nearing "elite" status), a ridiculously overpowered ground game with a solid O-line, and receivers who can get open. Sure, the Colts have Peyton, but their defense is miles behind the Giants.
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