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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

The roughing-the-passer calls are happening as frequently (or "not as frequent as people seem to think") as the last few years. It just seems that people's perception of it is that it's happening more...

Only 23 (or so...not going back to look) so far, and the Pats have had at least 3 of those called against them that I know of, maybe a 4th that I can't remember - Vince Wilfork got called for one against the Bills that was totally bogus and helped the Bills out tremendously.

Last year there were 20-21 at this time. People just love hating the Pats.

The matchups this week are HORRIBLE. Nothing much to look forward to beyond Pats/Broncos. Last week had a bunch of great games. This week is just sad.

We lost Taylor (ankle surgery...!) but might have Mayo back - although I don't expect him to be 100%, but maybe I'll be happily wrong. If only Lawerence Maroney was capable of resembling anything like an NFL running back... (*STOP DANCING*)
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