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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Hi guys.
Sorry I haven't been around much the last few months.........But, this was the reason.

I've been very busy and just now getting my life back to normal...from editing video and audio for the last 4 months!!!

Just wanted to put up this press release and say hello to you all.

Hope all is good and drumming is progressing!


A short teaser for Derek Roddy's instructional video "Blast Beats Evolved". For more information on this video, visit!

With Blast Beats Evolved, extreme metal master Derek Roddy has created the definitive educational document on contemporary extreme drumming and modern metal styles. Drawing on his experience both as a world-reknowned metal drummer, his critically-acclaimed work outside the metal world, and his background in drum education and clinics, Derek provides the perfect balance of performance and instruction to help you advance your understanding and technical skills for this music.

Metal styles and techniques such as skank beats, traditional blast beats, bomb blasts, hammer blasts, freehand blasts, accent blasting, hand/foot combinations, rolls and fills are covered in extensive detail, with multiple examples for each topic.

Going beyond the beats and fills, Derek provides a complete conditioning program to improve your overall command of the drumkit. COvering areas that include balance exercises, a system for equaling the feet, improving your endurance and moving around the kit, Derek touches on areas that will assist all drummers - not just metal players.

This incredible package also contains 5 solo jams, 7 Serpents Rise songs, a detailed discussion of the equipment and setup used, interviews, and outtakes.

Blast Beats Evolved provides an unprecidented look at the state of modern metal drumming today, along with an extensive program to improve your personal approach to the drums.

Running Time - 2 hours 49 minutes
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