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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

Wow, it's cool to see this thread take off so quickly. But man, ain't no-one got love for flash? Y'all talkin' like it's the double-bass drum pedal of web-design!

I think any new technology takes time to be implemented tastefully, wisely, unobtrusively, etc. I'm designing my new site as a full-flash site for one reason: the mp3 player. I don't like the available options for using mp3's on html sites. Many have just an audio page, but you have to STAY on that page to listen to the music. (I have a singer friend who has her mp3 player on every page-every time you open a new page, it reloads and starts over from the first song! not good.) Most people have short attention spans, they want to navigate around your site while listening. You could use javascript for a pop-out window, but I find that unattractive. I think you could also use frames, but I don't have much experience with that, I'm not sure how well that works. I know the drawbacks of flash sites- large file sizes, tricky to SEO, but I think with a little effort, I can work around these. I'll post my site when I finish, of course. Thoughts?
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