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Default Re: Snow Leopard for Mac

Hey Bernhard and any others who might run up against Snow Leopard's incompatibility with older HP laser printers (due to no more AppleTalk support)...

Since last posting, I've been back using Leopard while working on a big project. But I finally got a little time the other night to do some more research. Found out if you have a Airport Extreme, you can connect your old HP to it with a cheap USB to parallel printer cable adapter. I tried it and my LaserJet 5MP came up immediately via Bonjour, and is working like a champ. (You also need to install the HP printer drivers updates from Apple.)

Btw, previous to this, I had been pursuing the route of using an old HP JetDirect print server. I picked one up on ebay for $10. I had read that if you can assign the printer an IP address, you can then set it up as an IP printer. (The 5MP doesn't have any kind of display or buttons to do it right on the printer.) But I ran up against a wall when it turned out you need Windows to configure the print server. So I was going to install Windows on my iMac, but I couldn't locate my installer disc. S*** out of luck.... (Anybody want to buy a JetDirect 500x for $10?)

Then I read about the easier way, and tonight I am a happy camper. I will be switching over to Snow Leopard asap.
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