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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Good game by Favre last night, but I still agree with Kornheiser that I think his age may catch up with him around week 11 or so.

Top 5 teams through week 4 IMO

1)Colts--Looking like the Colts of 2 years ago...scary
2)Giants--I thought they would take a step back but Eli is proving himself
3)Patriots--Looking better every week, the def. is better than anyone expected so far
4)Vikings-- If Favre can hold out they could be SB bound
5)Steelers---Always scary, being 2-2 has just ticked them off they will rattle off 5 in a row

Obviously not based off of record alone. Saints have looked this good this early before so I have to see them sustain a little longer, broncos have a lot to prove, jets are ready to break into my top 5 very soon, especially with their next 4 games against Oak, the Bills and fins. can you say 8-2 heading into foxboro? : )
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