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Default Re: Videos of Heel toe bass method

Originally Posted by mr_hayward_99
After watching the vieo, I started practicing this nonstop. problem im running into is i dont think my pedal tension(sp?) is high enough anyopne out there have any tips on finding the right tension to get good rebount on the foot pad. i use DW4000 double bass pedals FYI


so i think not so much tension, i have never used a DW pedal, apart from in a shop once. so dont really know what that ones like

I use a basic mapex pedal with not much bounce on it at all, and i find that easier beacuse if youy have to much tension the pedal just bounces to much and ur foot can t keep up with it,
Most pedals have adjustable parts. They sometimes are black, about 2 inches tall, and rotate.
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