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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

you make a good point LinearDrummer - it is early...

so an early question, which 4-0 team is for real and which folds down the road?

you may laugh, but i think the Vikings are the best undefeated team right now, great D, outstanding running back and #4 throwing the ball, but will they hold up in the tough games against the elite teams down the stretch? i think the Giants have a better chance at the playoffs, solid running, great D and a great young quarterback, go Giant's!!!

the Broncos are not for real, not even close, defense has saved a lame offense all four games, the opponents have'nt been much either, they will not last...

i just hope Eli takes care of the foot and Peyton's D can manage the 30 some minutes a game on the field further along the road...

and as far as surprising 0-4 teams go, no question really, but what the hell did happen to the Titans?!?!?! 13 and 3 to oh and 4, how?
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