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Originally Posted by Bram View Post
What the **** are you doing with a pair of tympani in your house???
I play a pair at our orchestra (other type, but they're Ludwig) and I like them!

I originally had a complete set of four tympanis 24, 26, 29 and 32. I found them on a Kijiji classified ad site in Calgary. The owner wanted $1500 for the four, but I bought them for $1000. I could not keep the four so I kept the 29" and 32" and sold the smaller ones for $690. So they were a good deal! I just love the sound of them and love to play them, even though I am not a concert musician all. My wife is just fine with these being in my family room. Sometimes the Tympani parts of the theme to Space Odyssey 2001 breaks out in my house and scares cats and dogs alike!

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