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Default Re: Portable Digital Recorders

Hi Cuban, I got the word from our keys player about the iriver gig recording I posted. It seems that the unit needed a bit of help to achieve that sound. This is his reply:
It was just about 4 metres back from the stage beside the mixing desk with 1 AKG vocal mike plugged into the line in (but it needs a small preamp to boost the signal). Remember to switch settings to line in and not the default voice in.

I tried to get it as close to centre as possible but it was closer to the keyboards and drums but still got a reasonable balance thru the PA.
The H2 recordings, on the other hand, were done without using external gear.

Donv, it might be a bit early to say if the H2 has more probs than others because it seems that most members have used them without bother. If as many people had a different recorder they may well be reporting just as many probs ...?
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