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Default Re: Starting Guitar......

As far as what to practice, theres a million different websites that'll give you
ideas. Just don't make sure you don't fall into the "pfft I don't need to learn
chords!" mindset. You DO. They're great for improving finger strength and dexterity.
And of course, grab a few scales and bust out that metronome!

It'll probably be a while before you can play any death metal songs.
Although for a start, try some old school stuff like Death, Autopsy, and Carcass.
Some of their stuff isn't too difficult. Bands like Nile, Dying Foetus or Necrophagist
are gonna be next to impossible to learn. I've been playing nearly 10 years
and i still can't touch necrophagist. Maybe i'm not as good as I think :P

Best of luck
And their will be those horribly frustrating days
But don't lose heart.

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