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Default Re: Portable Digital Recorders

I've used a Yamaha PockeTrak for more than a year. Built-in USB that charges it also, excellent mics, adjustable gain, incredibly compact, very simple and easy, 2 gigs of memory will last more than a day on high resolution recording. Also makes a good little mp3 player. Just turn it on and set it down and you get a good recording with no fussing. At least five PockeTracks could fit in a Zoom.

The tradeoff is that it only has one small 1/8 in mic input. But my thinking is that if you want an excellent recording, go to a studio. If you want a good recording of a gig or practice for later critiquing, you don't want to fuss with anything, you don't want to master a huge manual and you want something that fits in your shirt pocket, the PockeTrak can't be beat. It listed for $400 and I got it for $300 but that was when they first came out so you should get one for well under that now.
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