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Default Re: Starting Guitar......

When buying a guitar
Don't worry about looks, or sound too much.
Pick one up, get a feel for it. play it. Everyone is different, and what
one guitarist says is his dream guitar will be horrible to someone else.

I personally can't stand les pauls, where as everyone seems to love them!

A good starting point (in my opinion) would be an Ibanez (RG or SA series)
or an ESP LTD, one of the M series perhaps. BC rich, are good for looks
but anyone i've played is horrible, and having a big bulky guitar isn't that

As for playing, If death metal is your fancy, be patient. It's fast, and quite
technically proficient. I recommend practicing right hand technique from the get go.
Emphasis on alternate picking at the beginning. Developing this technique early
is a good thing! eight finger tapping is best saved for later!
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