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Originally Posted by Mook View Post
I made a Michael Giles thread months ago & got a few replies, not sure the search option works very well.

Funnily enough I'm sitting listening to Michael Giles just now on 'McDonald & Giles', a very underrated LP from just after he left Crimson.
For all I know I probably commented on it and forgot! Never min, just early-onset senility.

There's a Mc & G song on YouTube, with a seriously hippie visual. There's also Schizoid Band playing that same song. Michael was a beast, as always, though I found his snare a bit too much. To my ear, KC brought out the best in him.

There are some live early recordings from even before ITCOTCK on Wolfgang's Vault (with stuff like Travel Weary Capricorn, that missed the cut for the debut album). Listening to those old tapes you can tell that MG was the strongest player in the band at the time, the driving force that held the songs together. Bob Fripp was a far less authoritative in his playing back then.
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