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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by Mathew 7:21 View Post
Get over it! They lost to the Jets and should of lost to the Bills. Every year is a new year.....I dont care if everyone on the team is the same. New year......New team!

Get over it? What a douchey post. And if everyone on the team was the same, it wouldn't be "New team!"...

We beat the Falcons pretty handidly, even with Galloway looking like he's never played WR, and Brady still not clicking 100%. Nice test coming into town this weekend. Also excited for Jets/Saints (come on Saints!) and Packers/Vikings (of my two football-viewing close friends, one owns stock in the Packers and the other is from Minnesota and a HUGE fan of all things Minny)
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